The Rhema Pentecostal Church Internatinal (The RPC Family)

The Anointing and the Apostolic Ministry of Bishop Kwasi Owusu is undeniable, as many are testifying daily of the Miracles that the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY is performing through His Humble servant in the name of Lord Jesus. Accordingly, God has strengthened the Ministry through the mighty power of the Holy Spirit that manifested in healings, miracles, Signs and wonders (freedom from spiritual bondage, demonic attacks, witchcraft, marriage failure, emotional and Physical healing).


The out pouring testimony of our Lord’s anointing through His servant is great to the glory of the Almighty God. We would like to extend this invitation to you and your family to come and experience the awesome power of God. It has been said that religion is man's search for God, while Salvation is God's search for mankind

The R.P.C Family Head Office

Unite C. Bateman Court

Bateman Street

Derby, DE23 8JQ

England - United Kingdom


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